Shiva-Rappelz 8.1



Expérience : x25
Gold : x50
Drop : x30


Expérience : x3
Gold : x6
Drop : x4

Login : ON
Séraphin : ON
Archange : ON

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Update of April, 9 2014
The 2014-04-10 00:50:38
Catégory : Mise à Jour
Here's the modifications brought by Diablotins

-El Kassia Armor is now deleted from Seraphin. As some players will be affected by it, a little buff compensation (GMs will decide), effective on the server for some time.

-US client is now translated and updated for 8.2

You can download it Here :

- French Launcher is available once again to download.

Changes of March 7th 2014
The 2014-03-09 00:23:10
Catégory : Annonce
Dear Shivarians,

Here's the report for the last staff meeting and the changes applied.

Let's begin with the french GM recruitment. For this wave, the appliances was great but we had to take 2. We had to make a difficult choice. Please, don't hold it against us if you were not taken this time, it's not because you're bad, but we had to take the bests. By the way, maybe it's better like this, 'cause the new GMs will be mistreated by the players and other staff members ( someone has to bring us some coffee...

So, here's the 2 happy ( or unfortunate) nominated :



Congratulations to you two, and hope you will be as good as expected ;)

We then pass to the other changes.

- Cynik and Xane are back in the staff as Head-GM for Cynik and GM for Xane. They'll form all new MJs and oversee them during their test period. (Or threaten them... )

- Pikouse ( Hey it's me :P ) becomes co-administrator with the goal of helping TheLink and Diablo to manage the server and to bring answers to the players and the staff faster. Indeed, TheLink and Diablo are often busy with their work and school. They can't allow as much time they want for the community.

Naturally, for the well-being and the stability of our server, I won't have access to the machines so if it crashes, it won't be because of me :P He won't be able to reboot servers either.

Last change, a partial reset of punishment is applied by now.

BUT ! All definitly banned accounts stay banned. The reset concerns only the punishments et temporary bans.

Other things will be to discuss but for now, this is enough.
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