Shiva-Rappelz 8.1



Expérience : x25
Gold : x50
Drop : x30


Expérience : x3
Gold : x6
Drop : x4

Login : ON
Séraphin : ON
Archange : ON
Origine : OFF

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The Staff is always present !
The 2014-07-25 16:20:08
Catégory : Annonce

Further numerous messages on the forum which said the staff wasn’t here, I come ([Admin]Shiva IG) news to give to you. We aren’t absent et we aren’t leave the boat, we actually working on the 9.1, knowing which is go out on the official. We work on, so the updates like the basements lvl 160 the creatures boss and colonels objects go out in the same time of the 9.1. We didn’t want to give you contents stuffed with bugs, we wait the official get out there updates 9.1 so that in the weeks which follow we can offer an exceptional 9.1 as we made it previously. The 9.1 will be effective on both servers.

Concerning Link and Diablo, they are always here and code always to Shiva Rappelz, certainly you don’t see them, but they are always presents, I’m going to ask them to pass in the days which follow on the forum and IG to prove you their presence.

We thank you for your loyalty even if the lack of novelties is cruelly lacking for several months. If you have ideas to develop the server, you can post on the section La boite à idées , we shall consider them. In the months which follow, we are certainly going to offer you a new website with some novelties (In study). As rewards of crimes in form limited points in time slot (whether it’s not 24 hours of PK, the website will be programmed to register the crimes between certainly time slots), who shall allow you to buy rare and exclusive objects to mitigate, only your crimes can allow you to obtain this objects and nothing else, or in killing cheated boss producing obligatory the game in team. We think of putting also a new system of message between members on the website, as on our forum actually and heights of the other things. We shall try to improve the contents IG, by strengthening the power of creatures called to favor the classes pet on the magicians and as, we shall try to increase the armor of tanks to compensate their for lack of attack on the magicians and classes pet.

We don’t forget you, we thank you again for your loyalty for more than 3 years, if the server still stands it’s thanks to you, players of Rappelz, that are fed up with it to pay everything always to arrive in a game because, remind we, everything is accessible on Shiva Rappelz thanks to the points of vote and to the events which makes the animators IG.

We still thank you.


The Team-Shiva !
Rappelz Origin
The 2014-05-09 00:00:00
Catégory : Annonce

Shiva Rappelz is already 3 and half years old and evolved a lot since its opening under Hamachi in 2011. Back then, Shiva Rappelz set apart form other servers with its unique play style created by Shiva, interactions and game modifications who pleased the players like the "no cooldown" or Boss invocation. Several tried to copy us but no one succeed to equal us. Unfortunately, we had to stop these two principal exclusivities because of our old servers who didn't physicaly support these parameters and didn't stand against DDoS attacks. But now, we have strong servers that protect us against most of DDos attacks.

Today, Shiva Rappelz wants to make you relive these exclusivities for around a week. with the 8.1 Rappelz version combined with the 8.2, free buffs, higher rates like the old days. This server's named Origin to remind the old players the good time passed on Shiva Rappelz at its beginning. The server will be open on Friday May, 09 at 9:30 PM GMT 1 . Be ready !


Team Shiva