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Special Valentine's Day event

Dear players, Join our special Valentine's Day event, from February 12th to February 29th! During this event, battle monsters to collect four varieties of chocolates. Use them on the spot o... 

13/02/2024 at 07:38

Happy New Year, Fearless Adventurers of Shiva!

? Happy New Year, Fearless Adventurers of Shiva! ? ? Dear members of the Shiva community, As we usher in the new year, the Shiva team extends warm wishes for a year filled with epic adven... 

01/01/2024 at 00:00

? **"Merry Christmas, Dear Adventurers of Shiva! ?"**

? **Merry Christmas, Dear Adventurers of Shiva!** ? Dear adventurers, In this magical time of the year, the entire Shiva team wishes to extend the warmest Christmas greetings to you! May... 

25/12/2023 at 13:43

Xmas Valley !

?? Bonjour, citoyens de Séraphin ??, ? Cet événement aura lieu du 16 décembre au 5 janvier. ? La Vallée de Noël, une version magique de la Vallée de Cristal, regorge de monstres et boss de ... 

17/12/2023 at 14:05

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